It is with a heavy heart that we share with you that our beloved Camp Roots Forest School is permanently  closed. The founder and the director of the program have both moved out of state to live closer to family.

We are honored to share with you that two incredible Camp Roots teachers, Tess Golden-Orr and Erin Cole, have started up a new nature immersion program for children and families. Heartwood Nature Programs shares the same philosophy and goals: To maintain high quality, child centered, nature focused affordable programming at St. Edward State Park. Many Camp Roots families have continued with this program and look forward to adding new friends to the community. For further information:

Mindfulness. Stewardship. Connection.

The following Camp Roots Programs are Canceled until Further notice: 

Little Roots

Sprouting Roots

Kinder Roots

Forest Roots

Wild Roots

Family Roots 

Youth Roots

*Summer Camp July 6th-August 14th*

Forest School 2020-2021


Dearest Camp Roots community,

The novel coronavirus is shifting fundamentally the way we move in the world right now. The trajectory of the disease and what it means for the coming months is still not entirely clear. 


While there is much that is uncertain, one thing we do know is that this is not the end for Camp Roots. There is a group of Camp Roots staff who are committed to waiting out the novel coronavirus and reviving the program that you all know and love when the time is right and safe.

This is just a pause. 

It might be a short pause. It might be safe to continue programming in the fall of 2020.


It might be a longer pause. We wish we could peer into the future and see it more clearly. In the absence of that clarity, we can offer with certainty: This is not the end for Camp Roots

Some of our families need the money that they had paid in advance tuition now more than ever.  Because of the uncertainty about when we will be able to gather in the forest again, we have refunded that money.

There were many moving pieces that were considered when we made the hard, heartbreaking decision to put programming on hold indefinitely. There were staff and staffing considerations, family considerations, community considerations, health and safety considerations, financial considerations, and so much more. We did not make the decision lightly. Our hearts as are broken right now as we know some of yours are.

We know that this challenging time will pass. We are so hopeful about all the good that will grow from the darkness we are passing through. There already has been so much good - so much sharing and collaboration and opening of hearts. There is sure to be more good to come, and Camp Roots will be part of it.

We are doing our best to move through this time with grace and love for ourselves, for our community, and for the entire planet.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. We promise to communicate regularly. In the meantime,  we wish you and your family wellness, safety, compassion, joy, and so much love.

The Camp Roots Forest School Staff


Reach out:

Nature immersion programs in Kenmore, Washington for children and families. At Camp Roots, children and adults have limitless opportunities to explore, experiment, play, and learn.


In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.

- John Muir

About Us

Camp Roots was founded in 2013 by April Rose, an educator and mother of five with a passion for the outdoors and a simple mission: to get kids outside. April spent her childhood afternoons freely exploring outdoors: playing at the park with friends, making forts in the bushes outside her home, catching bugs and making them her pets, or just being outside. She credits those hours of unstructured engagement, wonder, and discovery for shaping her love of nature and her entrepreneurial spirit.



 The art of paying attention and listening to oneself and the world around us, free of criticism and judgment. We provide programming for all ages with many opportunities to explore mindfulness practices toward the earth, self and others.


At the PlayOUT Foundation, we believe that all living things are connected and matter. Trees are to be loved, plants are to be valued, and animals and insects cared for with reverence. We connect our community to year-around stewardship opportunities to tend to and mend the ecosystems that support us. Caring for the earth is caring for ourselves.


Strong communities are built on respect and trust. When we treat each other with careful attention, learn to listen, and act with integrity and kindness, our friendships and communities are strengthened. Our programs have been mindfully created to nurture the ability to create meaningful connections with self, nature, and community.


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Little Roots (0-3.5)

Our weekly hour-long Little Roots classes give you and your infant or toddler (0- 3.5 years) the opportunity to explore nature and make new friends.


Sprouting Roots (3.5-4)

Our Sprouting Roots days are filled with songs, games, exploration, and play as the children build connections with each other and with the world around them. 

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Kinder Roots (5-6)

Kinder Roots is an exclusively outdoor environment where children have limitless possibilities to explore, experiment, learn and play while building relationships with each other and with their local environment.


Forest Roots (6-12)

Forest Roots is a homeschool nature immersion program for ages 6-12. In the forest environment, children have the opportunity to learn through direct experience, while hiking, playing and exploring at Saint Edward State Park.

Friends hiking through the forest

Wild Roots (11-15)

Wild Roots encourages middle school children to revel in the wonder of their still present childhood while giving them the tools and time for the future.

A Family Walk

Family Roots (All Ages)

Family Roots gets families outside and exploring together. Each class begins with a morning circle and short yoga practice, followed by a hike.


Summer Camp (6-11)

Our summer day camp is open to ages 6-11 and takes place Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm, with morning and evening wrap-around care available. 


Arrowhead Elementary

After School Program

Early Release Wednesdays 2019-2020 School Year

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