Summer Camp


Hiking and Nature Immersion


Campers will have the opportunity to hike the various trails at St. Edward as well as have the opportunity to learn about the environment through our emergent curriculum focus and inquiry led learning experiences. 



At Camp Roots, we believe in the importance of providing unstructured play time.  Campers will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of different activities including:


* Fort building

* Yoga

* Imaginative play

* Field games

Summer Camp Activities

* Soccer

* Hula hoop

* Frisbee

* Kickball

* Capture the flag

* Sack races

* Dancing

* Singing

* Jump rope

* Acting in plays

* Yo-Yo

* Chess

* Mancala

* Checkers

* Charades

* Rubix Cube

* Cup Stacking

* Wiffle Ball

* Face painting

* Camper-created games



Creating and Growth Mindset

Campers will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of different activities. Through the process of creating we will be introducing the campers to the concept of Growth Mindset.  We will be offering Growth Mindset curriculum each week that will inform the campers about how their brain works and to share with them that they are capable of learning anything with the proper mindset. We also incorporate Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle curriculum and creations.


At Summer Camp-

* Upcycled Crafting/Sewing​

* Needle Felting

* Embroidery​

* Crocheting​

* Finger knitting

* Camper-inspired projects



Self-Defense Education- Summer Camp


**Summer Camp & Family Roots Day Camp** We will be providing developmentally appropriate training in basic self-defense skills including awareness, de-escalation, boundary setting, assertive communication, and fighting techniques.


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