Our Beginning

Camp Roots began in 2013 by April Rose, an educator and mother of six with a passion for the outdoors and a simple mission: to get kids outside. April spent her childhood afternoons freely exploring outdoors — playing at the park with friends, making forts in the bushes outside her house, catching bugs and making them her pets, and just simply being with her imagination and dreams. She credits those hours of unstructured engagement, wonder, and discovery for shaping her love of nature and her entrepreneurial spirit.


The first Camp Roots was a one-week nature immersion summer camp focused on play, mindfulness, stewardship, and connection. This outdoor learning environment was so powerful for children and families that it inspired April to return to the classroom herself to study pedagogical theory. In 2015, she earned a Master of Education from Antioch University in Seattle. Camp Roots ran for six weeks that summer. After seeing again what a positive impact nature immersion and play had on her community, April decided to continue offering outdoor programs throughout the year. 

Camp Roots soon grew into the year-round nature immersion school it is today, providing children time outdoors to play, dream, create, and explore themselves and their world as freely as April herself did as a child. 


"Let the forest be our teacher and the trees our guides. Let nature's wisdom root us to the earth, awaken our mind, nourish our body, and free our soul. When we are rooted to the earth and feel the connection, it becomes a part of us and we become a part of it.” —April Rose

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