Frequently Asked Questions

Since there are only 40 campers during the summer program ranging in ages from 5-12 and my child is one the younger side, will she/he be doing activities that are more suited to her/his age group?

Your child will be participating in activities of their choosing. Each of the activities offered is differentiated to meet all of the campers' needs both by age and developmentally.

I understand this is all outside but what about if it is raining really hard, is there a covered area they can go to? What if it is hot?

During the winter months on really rainy days, we provide a shelter (tent/tarp shelter) and warm tea time (we use a camping stove to heat up tea water) so that our campers will have a dry space to craft, learn, play, and to warm up.. On the HOT days we will be spending time deep in the woods in the shade, we will take extra water breaks, and we will provide play and other activities in the shade.

I see I need to pay a $100 deposit to hold her spot, but for wrap-around care do I need to pay that in full upon registration?

You can hold your spot for the wrap-around care along with saving your regular weekly spot with the $100 deposit.

Do the volunteers need to fill out a registration form?

No Please just fill out the volunteer registration form found on the Volunteer page.

Can you please give me more details about the daily (adult) leadership for the camp? Will the teachers be onsite with the campers the whole time?

The 4 adult teachers will be on site with the Camp Roots campers the whole time. There will be times when one teacher/s adult behind at Camp Roots with some of the group while another adult goes off with another group on a hike/to explore the park.

Is there any training for the counselors?

The counselors will have a one-day manditory orientation and training. They will be issued a copy of the Counselor Handbook.

How far from camp can Junior Counselors take kids without an Adult?

There will always be an adult present when the Junior counselors are working with the campers.

Will there always be an adult present when kids are in the water?

YES! 4 adults will be present at all times while the children are in the lake. They will be allowed to go in up to their waist and within the Camp Roots boundaries.

Will you be going into the lake for Fall/Winter camps or was that just during summer months?

We will not be going into the lake with any of our campers during the Fall/ Winter/ Spring sessions.

What happens if my children need to miss a day? Nothing?

If your children are going to miss a day due to being sick, vacation, etc., we would appreciate a call - (425)495-1139 or email - letting us know which days will be missed, so we know not to expect them. ** Camp Roots follows the National Weather Service for our weather closure guidelines. If the National Weather Service calls for a watch or a warning then camp will be canceled. If there is an advisory issued we will take extra precautions and might close if necessary due to weather. An email and text from Remind will go out as soon as possible to alert you of any closures. You can check here for NSD closures here. You can check our Facebook page here. **If Camp Roots is closed for any reason other than weather, you will receive a credit for the days missed. You will have 30 days to use the credit for another camp session or to choose to do a make-up class within the same session at a different time. ** If you miss for personal reasons there is no refund for lost time.

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