Junior Naturalist Program Ages 12-17

Summer Camp Junior Naturalist Program

We welcome youth ages 12-17 to Camp Roots as volunteer Junior Naturalist for our summer camp. This is a great opportunity to build your leadership skills while spending your days having fun in the outdoors! There are 6 Junior Naturalist slots available for each one-week session of Camp Roots summer camp. We are offering 2 Summer Camps this year and will have 12 openings available each week between the two camps. You will be assigned to Camp Roots or Camp Salal and will stay with your same group the whole week. Your volunteer hours would be between 9 am-4 pm each camp day. Camp Roots/Camp Salal is free of charge for all junior counselors. 

Camp Roots is currently closed. For information on a similar program, also located at St. Edward State Park, please visit:



You can be a Junior Naturalist with Camp Roots if you meet the following requirements:


Junior Naturalists:

  • have a desire to work and interact with young children

  • are motivated to become a role model

  • learn leadership skills

  • have an interest in the natural environment

Typical responsibilities:

  • assisting with group management

  • leading songs, games, and activities

  • gathering materials and supplies

  • helping clean-up

  • learning new things about nature

  • helping out with the end of the week festivities 


Training Commitment
Manditory: June 14th meeting or alternate date June 26th 

Time: 1:00-4:00

Location: Saint Edward State Park


Junior Naturalists are asked to be able to commit to a minimum of volunteering at least one full week during the summer.

  • Can commit to the hours of 9-4 each day you volunteer



To apply for a Junior Naturalist position, please submit one letter of recommendation and a personal essay speaking to your counselor skills and aptitude (hint- the ones listed above). These will be submitted through the online registration form. Letters of recommendation can also be sent through email. 

* If you are a returning JN no letter of rec or essay is needed *just fill out the current years application*

Frequently asked questions

How far from camp can a Junior Naturalist take kids without a Teacher/Adult?

There will always be a teacher present with the Junior Counselors. The junior naturalists are assigned to a lead teacher to work with for the week along with the group of kids they will work with throughout the week when it is group work time.

Will there always be an adult present with kids are in the water?

YES! Four-Five adults will be present at all times while the children are in the lake. They will be allowed to go in up to their waist.

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