The PlayOUT Foundation

Our Mission:


The PlayOUT Foundation is dedicated to creating outdoor play and learning environments for children of all ages that cultivate mindfulness, stewardship, and connection with nature, community, and self.


Our Vision:


In order to heal the vast nature-deficit problem that we face today in the 21st-century, the PlayOut Foundation offers a variety of engaging environments that allow individuals of all ages and stages to reconnect with their natural selves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually through the exploration of nature. Through being outside in the natural world, participants are driven to engage in self-directed learning and play, rediscovering their roots. 



Our Core Values: 


Mindfulness- The art of paying attention and listening to oneself and the world around us, free of criticism and judgment. We provide programming for all ages with many opportunities to explore mindfulness practices toward the earth, self and others.


Stewardship-Year-around pursuit to be active and selfless stewards towards the earth and others. We treat people and the outside world with gentle respect and care. The trees are to be loved, the plants are to be valued the animals and insects cared for with reverence given to all living things. 


Connection-Treating each other with respect and careful attention, building a community of friends. Our programs have been mindfully created to nurture one's ability to create meaningful connections with nature, community and themselves.  

The PlayOUT Foundation is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization that supports all of our Camp Roots programs. 


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