We are so excited to announce the launch of this new Stewardship page on the Camp Roots website. In this space, we will share opportunities for you to engage in environmental and climate advocacy, participate in habitat restoration, and take other actions to care for our planet. We believe in the power of an informed and inspired community, and we look forward to building the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible with you.  We plan on updating the page frequently, so please check back often.

Local Stewardship Opportunities- Click on the event to find out more

Tools and gloves are provided at the events and activities range from invasive species removal, spreading mulch to planting native species.
Volunteers should dress in weather-appropriate attire. Boots are recommended.
Volunteers ages 1-15 must be accompanied by an adult.
Sometimes Snacks and refreshments are provided!

Sunday, January 19th- MLK Day Of Service - Wallace Swamp Creek Park
Monday, January 20th- MLK Day Of Service - North Creek Forest
Saturday, January 18th- MLK Day of Service- Shelton View Forest
Ongoing Community Stewardship Opportunities
Whale Scout
Whale Scout protects Pacific Northwest whales through land-based conservation experiences
Website: www.whalescout.org
FB: www.facebook.com/whalescout
Stewardship Squ​ad
We'd love to have you! Squad is friendly & fun in beautiful outdoor settings. Great for all ages. Part education. Part play. Part Service. More info via the blog link below.
Please ** E-mail me to RSVP YES **that you are coming to this event & I'll send directions- heidiwatters@gmail.com
To receive event notifications in the future, send me your e-mail. Events are twice-monthly (2nd Thursdays & 4th Wednesdays, 11a-2p) all year.
Blog Link: Stewardship Blog
Saint Edward State Park Ball Field/Wetland/Wetland Buffer - Current Project
To keep this action-focused we will be communicating our information through this webpage in lieu of emails. We will communicate how you can be involved with this project through this webpage and our FB watershed group. 
Action Items:

1. Contact Kenmore City Councilmembers via email to voice your concerns about the St. Edward State Park multi-sport field complex development. Request that they remove the proposed development from the PROS Plan before approving the document. 

Use ci_council@kenmorewa.gov to email all seven councilmembers at once. 


2. Sign the petition with the following call to action: "Therefore, we, the undersigned, ask the Kenmore City Council to remove the "Saint Edward State Park Ballfield" development project from the 2019 "Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan" and redirect funds to other projects in accordance with fiscally and environmentally responsible principles and practices."


The PROS plan will direct city planning and funding priorities for development in parks and recreation facilities through 2035. Getting the Kenmore City Council to remove the St. Edward ballfield proposal from our PROS Plan is one step toward protecting the wetland and wetland buffer.

The full petition can be read and signed online: https://www.change.org/p/rei-preserve-and-protect-the-saint-edward-state-park-wetlands


3. Plan to attend the Kenmore City Council meeting on Monday, February 3rd 2020 at 7pm. You may choose to speak up with a 3-minute or less comment during the Citizen Comments portion of the meeting and/or sit in the audience in support of the St. Edward State Park wetland. 

Please RSVP HERE For attending the City Council meeting/s. 

Click here for more information/research on the Proposed Ball Field Project

Click here for talking points

4. Recruit a family member, friend, or neighbor to sign the petition and/or attend the city council meeting. Tell everyone you know. There is strength in numbers. Everyone matters. 


5. Join our Facebook group, St. Edward State Park Watershed, for more information, inspiration, and motivation to take action to protect the wetland. Please answer all three screening questions to be added.



SO MUCH GRATITUDE!! For all of you Speaking UP for the Ball Field/Wetland


We've been talking about how wonderful you all are, and we didn't want to keep that compliment to ourselves. We wanted you to know.

We have been noticing you. We've noticed how you are each showing up in the ways you can, and we think that your engagement is wonderful.

We have been noticing how brave you have been in starting posts in our local community Facebook groups. It takes courage to put yourself out front and center when friends and neighbors have different views and opinions and when those differences tend to lead to heated discussion.

We have been noticing how kind, positive, and focused on the larger issues you have been in your comments on those posts in community groups. You have kept to facts and to stating your views and opinions with warmness and respect.

We have been noticing how you have been kind even when others have been less so to you. You haven't let the smallness of some comments pull you down an unproductive path. You are representing the wetland and wetland buffer with such admirable integrity.

It means so much to us to be working in community with you. We appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for being here.

Bothell Kenmore Reporter Articles- Click on Date to read
June 2nd, 2008- Wallace Swamp Creek sports-field plan strikes out
August 12th, 2008- Washington Parks Commission denies Kenmore’s St. Edward ball-field plan
January 17th, 2017 - State parks commission schedules meeting on St. Edward ballfields
January 21st, 2016- Kenmore hashes out plans for revamping ballfield at St. Edward State Park
July 6th, 2017- Kenmore moving forward with St. Edward Ball Field Proposal
August 8th, 2019-State considering Kenmore proposal to improve ball field at Saint Edward
August 20th, 2019-Kenmore discusses Saint Edward ball field renovations
December 17th, 2019- "It means a lot to us", Community members oppose Kenmore’s Saint Edward athletic field project
Helpful Websites
Citizens For Saint Edward State Park
City of Kenmore Ball Field Project
Washington State Parks and Recreation-Kenmore Ball Field Improvement Plan


When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world. -John Muir

This photo is guessed to be circa 1960's.  You can see the thick wetland buffer and the natural ball field. 

City Of Kenmore's Proposed Ball Field Renovation. Uses 90% of the wetland buffer. Astroturf and LIghts are needed to extend the useability of the field. 

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