We love Camp Roots! Thank you for providing such a fun, positive outdoor experience for my little one 🙂 

-JR, Seattle

Camp Roots!! I have to tell everyone about the outdoor preschool that my boys attend!  
Camp Roots is an amazing, wholesome experience for my 3 and 5 year old sons. They are immersed in nature the entire time, rain or shine and they have a ball! It's not just that they have fun exploring, building, investigating, observing, and getting out lots of healthy little boy energy. They also get the positive things from standard preschool, like making new friends, learning independence in situations away from home, and how to follow and enjoy some structure in their schedule. I especially love the mindfulness and yoga aspects of the program. Camp Roots has a small staff of very warm, caring teachers, and they are all very lovely people. I wouldn't choose any other preschool for my kids, and I'm so happy I found this program. I can't recommend it highly enough!

-LS, Kenmore

I was hesitant to leave my 4 year old with people I didn't know but I had been interested in the idea of outdoor school for years. My friend decided to enroll her son for the year and I heard nothing but good things. Initially, he disliked hiking but after a while, he was leading the hikes! Towards the end of the school year, I decided to give it a shot and I am so glad I did! My daughter is a free spirit and loved being able to run and play, explore and hike. After the first day, she begged me to take her out of her "indoor" preschool and bring her back to Camp Roots more often. So I did. :) After the school year was over, she was lucky to get a last minute opening to 2 weeks of summer camp. I couldn't believe that after a long day playing, she was upset when we picked her up! She was having so much fun crafting, learning hula hoop, climbing trees, swimming and hiking that she never wanted to leave! April, Margaret and Katherine do a wonderful job honoring each child and allowing them the freedom to grow into who they are meant to be. No more cookie cutter pre-cut crafts that the teachers finish for the kids. It was a breath of fresh air to no longer hear teachers telling my daughter to stop running, talk quieter and keeping her on a tight schedule. She has learned yoga, she has new friends, she is free to wander the camp area with friends, she has fun stories about her day and she comes home dirty and sleeps well. She thrives in this outdoor school environment so much so that we've decided to give homeschooling a shot and use Homeschool Roots as a way to complement her rhythm. It's a 30 minute commute for us but it's SO worth it. I couldn't provide this for her on my own. I believe that having this time away from Mom, immersed in nature, with her new tribe, figuring out who she is, is so healthy for her. Thank you Camp Roots.

-LB, Kirkland


My children were past students of April's Play School, a Pre-K program that she directed 5 years ago.  After a few years of happy learning alongside great friends in a nurturing environment and we sent our daughter off to Kindergarten with a full heart and a thirst for learning.  April's Play School was a very peaceful place filled with laughter and respectful friends.  A couple years following her final Pre K class, she decided to bring the same fun curriculum to an outdoor summer camp and invite older kids to join along as participants or even junior counselors.  Our youngest joined in for a week of camp along with her cousins.  They had an amazing time.  It's so fun to know that the kids are just being kids (with supervision), in nature, making up games and stories, building forts or even doing a structured project like washing berries and making jam.  They took hikes and collected bugs.  They did kid stuff and got dirty and maybe a little sweaty and they just had a blast.  I was thrilled to hear that  Camp Roots was gearing up for a 6 week run this summer.  I immediately signed my little one up for 3 weeks and my Freshman aged son up to participate in the volunteering program.  I'm expecting the same old thing as last time:  slightly dirty, extremely happy & tired kids, competing with each other to over share their accomplishments of the day with me over dinner. It's soul filling to drop the hyper academic stuff for a few weeks and watch the kids truly enjoy (fairly) unstructured summer play.  Go Camp Roots!!!

-SJS, CSA for KAH & Mommy of 2, Kenmore


Our children had the privilege of having April Rose as their preschool teacher for many years, it was a magical time for them and they are so excited to attend Camp Roots this summer! The kids have sweet memories of the time spent with April, she let them be free to play unstructured and really opened their hearts to nature; they also spent time learning and getting school-ready, but she made it fun. One thing I really appreciate is how April helped the kids build strong friendships and taught them to treat others with kindness. She really is amazing with children - they listen to her, admire her, and love her. I know Camp Roots will be the best part of summer for the kids!

-JG, Finance Manager, Kenmore


April Rose has been a blessing to my family for over 7 years now. My 10-year-old loves her outdoor education programs, and I love her heart-centered approach to child care and teaching. 

-JF, Mindfulness Educator, Seattle 


April has been influential in the lives of both of my children (age 7 and nearly 1). She has dedicated her life to children and we have been so fortunate to know her.  When my son was young she ran an almost magical preschool where children were free to play and just be kids.  My son would come home enchanted with tales of the holes they were working on digging in the back yard, the shows they would perform, the stories they read and the games or projects they made up among themselves.  If he was ever having an "off" day I could simply send him down the street to April's and know that he would come home happy having spent the afternoon just being a kid.  My daughter has been lucky enough to spend her first year in April's part time care.  Together they have gone for nature walks all over St. Edward State Park, fed the ducks, and played for hours- indoors and on the playground.  My children have truly grown up with April and for that I am very grateful.  She is a resource for our entire community and Camp Roots will incorporate all of her academic studies and experiential knowledge gained from raising four children of her own and caring for others.

 I am excited about Camp Roots!  Bring on old fashioned summer fun for the next generation!  

-EH, Kenmore


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